Monday, September 1, 2014

April 2013

It's been awhile since I have updated and I was already behind. So I will just add a few pictures and talk a little about 2013. Hopefully I can be updated soon.

Brooklynn ended Spring of 2013 in 1st grade with Mrs. Hansen. We LOVED her so much. She really helped Brooklynn with confidence and comfort. Brooklynn found a huge love for reading in 1st grade and started reading as much as she could. She moved up reading levels a ton this year. I'm so proud of her. Some of her best friends at home are Aubree Rasmussen, and Britney Warner. At school she has a lot of friends and hangs out with Whitley, Kynzlee, Asti, Sage, and Jaida.

This was a rough year for Cameron and our family. We recently learned of some learning delays that he has and something called Sensory Processing Disorder. Where he is over and under sensitive to different things. Things that most people can ignore, or know the difference between. If someone goes outside and it is snowing you would put on a coat to keep warm. Cameron is under sensitive to cold, but overly sensitive to warm. so when I got him a bath, he thought I was burning him, but he would go outside and play in the snow with no glove, hat or coat. Cameron is also very Hyper. He gets stimulated by things very easily. Noise, people, touch, sight all affect him and he basically feels like he is going to jump out of his skin. I'm thankful that I'm an overly protective/worried mom and took him to figure out what was going on. In turn we ended up going to an Occupational Therapist and getting testing done through the school district. I was so excited when he was accepted and started getting free preschool through them. A bus came to our house twice a week and picked him up and brought him home. I read some books, continued taking him to OT and we started noticing a difference immediately. I'm so proud of him and I feel bad for his struggles. Today (over a year later) he still struggles, but continues to grow. Cameron loves playing with his friends at his 2 preschools and church. He is friends with Seth Mangus and Chase Brown.

Our little McKenna Mae is a sweetheart. She also struggled in 2013, but is doing great now. She started losing weight and had some other bowel issues. We found out that her body was getting rid of all her nutrients that she ate and lost a full 2 pounds going from 30% in weight to 1%. She went to a GI doctor and started medicine and started growing. It's always fun to see the kids personalities come out. McKenna likes to play with her friend Addie Nielson.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Brooklynn had swimming and it was just getting ready to start. I brough Cameron and McKenna with me because Ryan was getting ready for work and it would cut it close for me to make it home in time to meet him. The kids cousins Connor and Savannah were in swimming too, but hadn't come yet. Cameron was staning in front of the bleachers and he saw them come in. He got so excited that he turned to run the other way (to hide) and slipped on water and flipped over and smacked his head on the hard floor. The lady who is over the lifeguards was there and is also an EMT. She wrapped Cameron's head really good. He looked like a mummy.
Poor boy was in shock and didn't even talk. They gave him a sucker and he just sucked on it a little, but hardly moved.
Allyson took Brooklynn and McKenna and we met Daddy at the hospital. They said that Cameron had a concusion and to watch him that night. Once they brought him in a slushy he was happy and about 2 hours after he hit his head he was starting to talk more and show emotion. It was really scary and luckily nothing big came of it. Just a nasty bump and a story to tell.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Grandma Budd- 1924-2012

Sunday Evening September 23, 2012 I got a call that my Grandma wasn't going to make it much longer. We rushed over to be there and on the way I got a second call that we were too late. She had passed away.

I grew up living with my grandparents. I have always been close to them, in turn my kids became very close to them as well. In the last few years especially I had come over at least once a week and sometimes even 2 or 3 times. My grandma is the sweetest, kindest, most thoughtful, giving, loving, non-judgemental, funny, amazing person I have ever met. In the last few years I have spent a lot of time learning about my grandparents for their story that I am writing for them. I have found that whether nature or nurture I have some qualities of my grandma and I am thankful for that.

Grandma has touched so many lives, she has been a friend to those who need someone, she has loved for those alone, she has blessed so many lives. I love you grandma and I think of you every day.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Random September 2012

My cute Girlies! I am trying not to dress them totally alike, although, I think it is adorable. I do have my childhood memories of it being so embarassing. So I coordinate their outfits!
Thank goodness for our playroom in the basement.
The kids LOVE it so much!
McKenna mostly plays with the babies! And pretends to be a baby.
When Cameron gets worn out, he likes to lay and watch a movie on the bed.
Poor McKenna got sick!
The girl is exhausted, but just wants to sleep.
She falls asleep every where!
Even on Grandma's shoulder. We found out that she had an ear infection. YUCKY!
Cameron has started to discover Dinosaurs. He even watched a documentary on them. Maybe it will be something that he will really get into.
Daddy and Brooklynn doing homework together. Oh the joys in life!

Poor McKenna- September 2012

McKenna has had some bowel problems, not to be too descriptive, but she had white bowels. Which is not good at all. So we were sent over to Riverton to check things out.
She loved the little waiting area, but didn't get to play long.
They did an Ultra Sound first
McKenna was happy to watch cartoons to distract her.
But she got really nervous when she had to lay on her tummy. She was still brave though.
They also did an XRay. The Radiologist talked to me and said that she had a lot of Gas and some back up of bowels. But they weren't sure if something else was going on because of the white stool.
McKenna had to get some blood work done and she was brave. So we went to the store and bought her a little toy. Of course it was Olivia, her favorite!
So McKenna's organs all looked good and seemed to be functioning properly. But in the blood work it showed that she has really low Vitamins. They also took a stool sample and it showed that all her nutrients were not staying in her system, but were coming out. She is about 5 pounds under weight. That doesn't sound like a lot, but he explained it to me that it is comparable to an adult being 20-25 pounds under weight. I know everyone tells me she looks good, she is fine. I am not worried about how she looks, I want the inside of her body to function the way it is suppose to. I love all my kids and just want them to be healthy, happy kiddos.

Brave- September 2012

I took Brooklynn and Cameron to the movie Brave. After seeing it Brooklynn decided that she wanted to be Merida for Halloween.
I knew that it would be a popular costume and so we went to Target right after and bought the wig and bow and arrow.

Brooklynn's Dance - September 2012

Brooklynn went to our Stakes Dance Co-Op again. She gets really nervous and shy, but is doing a little better.
She made some friends, but still likes me to stay with her.